Saturday, June 04, 2005

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I guess what I'm doing here is putting parts of myself into print. Yes...guess that's what it is. There's no real reason for it and hardly anyone gets to see this or answer it.

In school I was always the tiny timid child. Forced into school at a very early age because mom had to work. All the other children were always two years older than I was. I didn't do very well in school because of fact, it was really a living hell for someone like me. Any way, one day I was out in the schoolyard - which was just packed dirt. I picked up a stick and began doodling. The older kids wanted nothing to do with me so I learned to be this day, I enjoy being alone. So...I doodled until the bell rang and we all went into class. My teacher picked me up and took me to the window...she said "look what you did." I looked down and saw animals in the dirt...elephants, horses, giraffes, etc. I was dreaming of the circus and that's what I doodled in the dirt. It was then that they discovered my talent for art. A blessing and a curse. Dad encouraged it, mom discouraged it...saying artists go mad and she would have none of it in her house! Art was always my comfort - even though any of my early work that mom found got tossed in the trash. Still, I persisted. I was later to discover that anyone with deep creative urges can really be miserable if they are not allowed to create.