Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Season?

Yes....I'm one of those people who sells during the holiday season and hopes for a really good one season. For me, these little sales supplement my retirement...for others, their life for the coming year is dependent upon it. This has not been the best year for online sales but I keep hoping things will pick up.

I have not seen the madness begin...the whipping by of cars on the streets and the overfull parking areas outside the stores. It always brings a special of seeing humanity on a good mission for a change. People wandering the stores with the same look of concentration. Once can almost hear their thoughts: "is this something Jane would like?" "I hope this is the right size for Jim." I know people love to talk about the commercialism and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas...but let's face it, not all are religiously inclined but almost everyone feels that spirit of giving to loved ones that starts right around this time of year. This is the one season when people are united in one cause, that being a display of love and caring for someone else just by remembering them with a gift. I love much so that in my younger years I thought nothing of going out shopping on Christmas Eve - diving in to the mass of people and waiting patiently in long lines at checkouts. I struck up some of the most interesting conversations in those lines. I know it sounds crazy but I enjoyed the mass of people who were feeling that holiday spirit. Its a wonderful aspect of our lives and should never be pounded on by calling it "commercialized".