Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bringing Home the Tree 3

This is about all I'm going to paint this Christmas.  I hope you all enjoyed my offerings both on Ebay and Daily Paintworks.  This one will be available in my Daily Paintworks Gallery starting tomorrow, Dec. 12.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Why I Paint and Offer My Work so Cheaply

People have asked me why I sell my work so cheaply. Well, I am 78 years old and retired.  Our government doesn't pay too much attention to retired people except to feel they are giving us too much.  Well, after working over 50 years and paying into FICA with every single paycheck I don't feel the least bit that they are "giving" me all that much.  With all the money the government wastes what they are giving us former workers is really not all that much. So between that and a small pension, I survive.

 I paint to supplement my meager income and also to spread my artwork to those who will enjoy it.  The best mail I get is from people who have had my artwork handed down to them or passed on to them over the years.  I hear from them and know my work is still out there and is in tact and appreciated.  

The great Norman Rockwell once said that being able to draw and paint is like always having a bag of lemon drops in your pocket...I know the feeling.  :-)

Merry Christmas to all and especially to those who collect my work.

Latest in my Daily Paintworks gallery:

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Why All the Cats in My Gallery?

I love cats.  I guess you can tell by the paintings in my gallery on Daily Paintworks.  I have two Himalayans that are mellow and laid back and who bring a great deal of comfort to my elderly days.  Prince and Merlin rule this house and give a great deal of love and affection while doing so.

In 2013 I had to put down my faithful companion of 18 years, Angel, and swore no more pets!  I'm too old for this and it hurts too much to have to hold and comfort a dying cat who is too sick to live on and watch her die.  It took me about a month to realize just how empty and lonely the house was.  That's when I found Merlin and Prince.  The photo on the left was taken the day I brought them home and my home has been full of love ever since.  I haven't forgotten Angel and never will but these two healed my heart.  I'm sure there are pet owners reading this who understand only too well.

Just a small fact about me I thought might interest someone.

Patricia Ann

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Daily Paintworks Gallery is Open for Business

Hello everyone!  I'm hoping I can hang on this time.  I really missed my Gallery on Daily Paintworks.  Its open now, simply go to:

My Daily Paintworks Gallery

Friday, April 27, 2018

Sad, But Necessary

I will be closing down my Daily Paintworks gallery for the Summer.  There have been so few sales that it is no longer possible for me to carry the payment on this site.  My social security and tiny pension can only stretch so far.  So, after May 14th my site will no longer be viewable on  Daily Paintworks. I have fingers crossed that sales will pick up on other sites: Ebay,  Etsy and ArtPal and so then I can return.  Thanks to those who purchased from me during the past several years I have been on DPW.

My Seller's Page on eBay

My Gallery on ArtPal

My Etsy Shop

Friday, April 20, 2018

Time to Spread out...

I've been on Daily Paintworks for years and probably will continue for awhile...but since there are mostly just lookers there and not buyers, I have to spread out or close up my DPW gallery.
An artist needs sales or they lose inspiration and cannot afford to keep painting. 

With that in mind I've opened a gallery at ArtPal.com...where I can sell paintings and jewelry as well.  To those of you who like nice necklaces I have posted a bunch of my unicorn prints under glass.  The pendants are 1 inch and encased in nice silvertone cases with 24 inch ball chains.  Great for mother's day or just a treat for yourself.  I'll be adding square ones (also 1 inch pendants) soon and each comes with a 24 inch ball chain and in a little drawstring pouch.  ..https://www.artpal.com/misspatricia/ Please look them up, you'll find pendants and some artwork and maybe some prints in the future too:


Friday, March 09, 2018

Grazing Thoroughbred

What does a child do when her dad works at Dixon Pencil Co?  She learns to do graphite drawings because dad brings home shiny yellow Ticonderoga Number 2 Soft pencils :-)  I haven't done one in awhile but ran across a box of these pencils...probably the last ones dad got before he passed away in 1993.  I treasure them and so, in his honor I drew "Grazing Thoroughbred" with a Ticonderoga Number 2 Soft pencil:

This graphite is 8 X 6 inches on Bristol Board Paper. 
Its up for sale in my gallery on Daily Paintworks.