Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

I haven't been out and in the crowds yet so I'm not exactly feeling the spirit yet. I tell everyone when I get off the couch, go out to the garage and get the wreaths for the front door and the back gate then the season will have begun in this house :-)

I hope the stores are doing well because big sales at holiday time helps our matter how we feel about the season this is a good thing.

My latest happens to be a holiday scene. Hope it warms your heart and makes you smile:

Right Down the Road from the North Pole

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Whether we Like it or Not!

The holidays are coming.....don't know what to buy anyone?  Why not help out us artists and buy original art for holiday gifts?  Here's a sample of something fresh off my painting board:

So many people love candy....why not this 8 X 6" to brighten up a corner of their home or office?  Its different....not the same old tie or shirt.  I bet it would be appreciated.

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