Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Word to Collectors of Original Art and Those New to Original Art

I know there are many of you who hesitate to buy directly from artists but the ones I've dealt with on Daily Paintworks are a good bunch.  They, myself included, depend on sales to keep us going.  I know in my case, my prices are ridiculously small.  That's because I love to paint and, at my age, I have no goals to reach.  I'm retired, in my 70's and just look to make some extra money to supplement my retirement.  Support art...without it, our world would be a crude, rude place.

You have no idea how good and how different original art looks in your home.  I've countless emails from satisfied customers who were unaware they could get good original art for less then the price of a print.  Please take a stroll through my Daily Paintworks gallery and see for yourself.

Patricia Ann Rizzo Gallery

One of my new works:

And another:

Support the artists on Daily Paintworks...we strive for you!