Friday, June 11, 2010

Trolls, Hooners, Cyber Stalkers - the Dark Side of the Net

"Ghost Walk"

Do you have them around you? Well, if you visit discussion boards - especially on Ebay, you're bound to run into more than one - called Trolls. In the Ebay Cafe (an Ebay chatroom) they are called Hooners (long story as to why). When they follow you around specifically and tend to step into a thread you're commenting in - only to bash you personally and not the topic at hand, then I call them stalkers. Some call them "cheerleaders" because they seem to be specific to Ebay and will jump to Ebay's side and bash anyone commenting negatively on the subject. It seems the internet spawned this new breed of cowards who like to hide behind their monitors and feel like big wigs. They generally end up making fools only of themselves...but you can't make them understand that. As you can tell, I'm venting because of one or two specific stalkers who start out saying I'm negative and end up saying things about my age and mentality. Crude...yes. Can you make the stalker understand he looks the fool?...NO!

I'm sure there are others out there being annoyed by one or more of these mentally unbalanced bashers or aggravated by a troll who inserts himself/herself into every thread on a discussion board only to detract from the topic of the thread.

Step forward - you are completely anonymous here and let's hear your story.

A shadowy painting for today.

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