Sunday, May 05, 2013

I was really broken hearted over the loss of my precious companion, Angel. Eighteen years is a long time and I was so used to her just being here. I finally found a Blue Point Himalayan from a reputable breeder near Oceanside, Ca. I not only got my blue point...a male I named Prince, but I also fell in love with a seal point I named Merlin (aptly so for he gets in trouble at least a dozen times a day). Here they are at only 8 weeks old. The breeder took this picture and then I packed them up and took them home. We have been almost inseparable ever since. I love them dearly and though I still cry over the loss of my Angel, these two make the tears go away and make me feel better. The light one is Prince and the dark earred one is Merlin and they are almost 4 months old I'll post new pictures of them soon.


An alert to anyone in the Southern California area. Although I found and bought from a reputable breeder I originally tried to deal with a breeder in Corona, CA (Muffhyms Cattery). Please folks...don't go anywhere near that cattery or its owner! Find a reputable breeder and you won't be sorry.

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