Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Many people have asked me why my paintings are so reasonable. They are sure I put more work into them then I am charging for. Well, when I do a special painting like Night and Day or Toward the Light, yes, I charge what I feel they're worth. Most of my paintings now are small. I can paint them fast and I can enjoy painting them. I want them to sell and I want them to sell fast so I can paint some more. Truth is by the time I pass on (I'm 74 years old) I want thousands of my paintings out there for people to enjoy I have already sold over 3,000 on Ebay from 1998 to present.  Perhaps, for a second they will remember me. I have had people contact me to ask if I painted this or that...one from the 1970's was left a painting by a relative.  Yes, it was mine and I remembered it well and even remembered the person who bought it from me at an art show in New Jersey.

My goal is not to be famous...that happens about as often as a singer or performer becomes world famous...which is not often at all. Out of the thousands upon thousands of artists in the world, only a few become famous and command high prices. Long ago, I gave up that dream and instead simply enjoy my painting and my paintings. If, sometime after I'm gone these paintings happen to become famous well, then that's a treat for the buyer. Like most elderly people, I'm happy with what I have.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and will visit my gallery on Daily Paintworks.

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