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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Grannygoodpaints Place

Grannygoodpaints Place

What a wonderful world!
Have you ever stopped and just breathed in the air and enjoyed the fact that you live here on earth? I know, I know, the world is full of worries and troubles and horrible things...its totally depressing! BUT, do you ever stop and breathe and revel in life itself. We only have so many days here on earth and nobody (no matter what your religion) really truly knows what comes next...if anything. I figure that we need to count our benefits once in awhile and just plain enjoy the earth around us and the fact that we are alive. At times like this, I love to sit on my patio but you can go to a park a church or wherever you feel comfort and just think about the basest things you own. The most basic is your life itself. Don't go thru it without even an acknowledgement of it now and then. Someone put it perfectly: "Stop and smell the roses."


  1. Hey Ms. Pat:

    I love the name of your blog. "Grannygoodpaints Place". That makes me chuckle.

    You're right, what a wonderful world it truly is. I see that wonder every summer that I'm in my back yard picking Boysenberries for a pie, a feel that wonder every Sunday in church and I see it in my children each and every day.

    It's true: "Stop and Smell the Roses".

    Garden Painter Art

  2. To be thankful is a gift. Excellent advice!

    Penny :)

  3. Hello Pat. What a wonderful comment. So true and yet so many people forget. We should all be more thankful for what we are given.....our time here on earth...and what we have. Thank you for posting such a lovely comment. Best wishes. Doreen

  4. Hi Ms Pat, I'm groovin on your Blog. A transplant to country life I am still amazed and delighted when I go outside and stand on my front porch and just breathe deep. The smells, ah the incredible smells I have. My hubby keeps telling me, that's just country smells, I reply, no, that's heavenly ambrosia!

  5. Thanks all - what wonderful comments. Yes, life is simple and its grands. We often just don't stop long enough to enjoy it.