Monday, September 29, 2008

Ebay Small Sellers - Let's BONANZLE!!!

ACEO Halloween Cat

I know the've been on Ebay for years and up till this year you've been doing okay. You're paying your fees and trying to keep up with the latest policy changes and requirements. Even with all that effort your sales are in the toilet and you watch your items roll off with few views and no bids because you find your items smothered under tons of other items from other sellers...what to do? Its time to get proactive (that means get a move on!). One day while reading (which seems to be my morning paper) I saw an item about a place called Bonanzle. Funny name - gotta check it out. I was floored! Its bright and colorful, its clean and uncluttered - a shop there is free - listing is free!.....AND they will import your Ebay feedback and your Ebay items! I suggest everyone get there and set up shop - then go thru your list of past buyers and invite them over! Give them an incentive like free shipping or a free gift - you can do it because you're not weighed down with fees! Bonanzle is growing by leaps and bounds. I am amazed to check the stats there each morning and see that they are, indeed, gaining more sellers. I also love Bonanza Days there. That is a day you schedule with Bonanzle and on that day you offer sales galore and Bonanzle will direct traffic to your shop for a few hours. Its a plus you aren't going to get somewhere give Bonanzle a look and I think you'll like what you see!

My painting for today: The witching hour is on its way...Halloween Cat


  1. I opened a store on Bonanzle today, transferred all my items and feedback there- from my eBay store. Now I have over 300 items I need to edit- and for the life of me I can't figure out how to do it. Can you offer me a few helpful suggestions.

  2. I believe they have a bulk editor though I don't have enough items listed to bother with it - I only have 45 items at present and they're all really different. Go into "My Bonanzle" at the top of your page and look on the left hand side for the bulk editor. If they don't have one then I suggest you contact Bonanzle directly. Much Success

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Happy as can be with Bonanzle. A small sellers paradise..A buyers dream. I can not believe the great deals I am picking up there. The sellers are live most often and I am able to dicker for the best price...Such friendly sellers I have not seen like are there in years..I will be back for my Christmas shopping that is for surre...

  4. anonymous - yes, I'm hoping it will take off. Sellers need to pull together and try to get they're customers over there I'm sure they would fall in love with it just as you did. Also, without the high fees sellers are also able to give buyers better pricing. We don't have to feed the hungry monster over there ;-)

  5. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I can't say enough about Bonanzle. It's a great place to sell and I'm seeing results after only two weeks of being there. The community is very friendly and helpful and the seller tools are fantastic. I'll have to check out auctionbytes as well. Perhaps it will be come my morning paper too! :-)

  6. I am having FUN selling on Bonanzle!
    I sold on ebay for 8 years and refused to sell/buy anymore after Jan 08 due to their disruptive selling venue.
    I've tried a few sites and none have compared to Bonanzle! NONE!

    There are great deals to be found on Bonanzle!

  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I Like the ebay and marketing