Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why is Amazon So Good?

"Did Somebody Say CHEESEcake?"

Every time I shop on Amazon I'm amazed at how really good they are. They put a LOT of sweat equity into their business over a lot of years....and it shows! Just yesterday I was again reminded of this fact. I spotted a book I liked on an online venue. I won't give the name. They wanted $4.00 for the book and $6.00 for shipping - since it was a rather large hard cover book. I hesitated and then thought "think I'll check over at Amazon". I was amazed to find several used copies of this book on Amazon all selling for 1 cent each with shipping standardized at $3.98. So, instead of $10.00, I ended up paying only $4.00. Sellers - you have to be competitive. I know it hurts but how can you expect to sell and accumulate a following when you have the likes of Amazon to compete with.

This brings me to Ebay. They started out trying to copy Amazon but true to Ebay and its laziness...they wanted to beat sellers into it instead. Its not working, nor will it ever work. Treating its sellers like the enemy is what is killing Ebay. Ebay needs to hang on to the monopoly it has with small sellers of the rare and unique while going forward with plans to bring in large diamond sellers...and it needs to show BOTH equal respect. Ebay needs to keep its auctions and separate them from fixed price. Maybe someday soon Ebay will change management to one experienced in online sales and the heavy competition. They'll use logic instead of a heavy hand and they'll find merit even in the smallest of sellers - if they do that they might even reach their goal. Unfortunately, as it stands now, I see nothing in Ebay's future except failure.

My painting for today....its all about the CHEESEcake! Because with all the problems that abound right now I'd say we all need a little comfort food.

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