Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Demise of Ebay Live - We Knew It Was Coming

White Daisies & Butterfly
9 X 12" acrylic

Its been announced that Ebay will forego the Ebay Live it had scheduled for next year. It is killing the program in favor of small, intimate gatherings probably complete with non-disclosure statements to sign. With that announcement, I reflected back on my own experience. It sheds a powerful adverse light on what's happening today.

The only Ebay Live I attended was New Orleans in 2004 - had a ball. In fact the event was so much fun that we actually did very little sightseeing outside of the convention center. We felt like welcome guests - a far cry from being treated like crooks and called "noise" today. I remember the last night - went to the big dinner that closed the event and walked thru the hall of applause made by the 750 Ebay employees who also attended. Imagine, Ebay applauding its sellers - who would think it would come down to the treatment sellers receive today. I wish I could only remember Ebay that way but the events of the last 1 1/2 years leaves a very bitter taste in one's mouth. Ebay seems to have bungled its business so much it will never turn around and its sellers, both past and present, will never let Ebay forget what its done.

My painting for today is perhaps a ray of hope...a miracle of some kind that will save the Ebay we all knew and loved...


  1. I'm not really interested in 'saving' Ebay - it's not my responsibility. More to the point is to get your stuff listed everywhere else, in case Ebay goes down the pan sooner rather than later.

  2. Any seller who is still loyal to Ebay and dependent on Ebay is fooling themselves. That boat saled and Ebay is no longer the only game in town. Its difficult but more and more sellers are breaking away and thru listing on other sites and setting up their own websites they are beginning to see some success. I personally know few sellers who are not listing elsewhere.