Monday, March 08, 2010

Ebay? The Great Meeting Place?

This was a comment on my last post - I felt it was too good to be tucked away in comments so I'm posting it on its own.

Submitted by EventHorizon1984:

I, along with thousands of other sellers are waiting...we're waiting for the next "Ebay" - the next large community of sellers and buyers. I don't see one on the horizon and if one doesn't show up soon then the whole business of online sales will go to the big, rich, retail companies who only wish to expand their presence to the internet.

We'll frame this like the shadow of a fairy tale.

"Once upon a time there was a Great meeting place. People had never seen it's like before. This Great meeting place thrived for many many years. There came a time that when the powers that be decided to improve the Great meeting place. Certain small people were told to leave or were removed by force. Many other small people fled. In time these little folk congregated in a dozen or so small meeting places. Because the other Lesser meeting places would not take them.

But the Great meeting place put forth the word that these small meeting places would never be it's equal. That these small meeting places would need the banking support and guidance of the Great meeting place. For all time.

The small meeting places boycotted the Great meeting place. But the Great meeting place survived and continued to thrive. And laughed at the noise.

Now on their own, these small meeting places squabbled amongst themselves and soon dispersed into dozens of other small meeting places. All faced years of hardship and uncertainty as to their survival. But being stubborn and spirited, survive and grow they did. And in the fullness of time became a multitude of great meeting places.

The End."

Sounds very familiar doesn't it? You're thinking the fairy tale version of eBay?

In case anyone is wondering, the above was an abbreviated history. The "Great meeting place" is not eBay but Great Britain. With the "dozen or so small meeting places" as Australia and the Thirteen Colonies. The latter becoming thirteen States, which in turn became 50.

We're expecting something similar. With Google providing the common bond and communications between the 'small meeting places'. Abet this being the Internet, the process will not take centuries, but years.

The Great meeting place is not going away, but neither should all of you small sellers. Consider where you would be, if your ancestors decided to turn around or give up?

"Don't worry, on a new job it's quite common for things not to go well at first."
Cora, Quigley Down Under (1990)

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  1. Aloha,

    We've been providing this parable to other folks for years; this pre-dates John Donahoe's CEO tenure. Another case of history repeating itself. It's been sadly predictive of eBay's actions, but interestingly predictive on the actions of the New POME's (origin Prisoner Of Mother England/Prisoner Of Master eBay?).

    Sellers/Settlers now have affordable tools to put together their own version of covered wagons to trek out into the wilderness and stake their claims.

    Carpe Diem*!

    * Seize the moment.


    "Those men went on to tame a continent, Mr. Khan. Can you tame a world?"
    Reference to Botany Bay, Australia.
    James Kirk, Star Trek, Space Seed (1967)