Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Needed A Super Horse...We Have One, ZENYATTA!

People close to me know that my hobby has always been thoroughbred racing. I'm not a bettor nor a gambler but I love the to draw and paint them and used to love going to the track. Before I moved to Orange County over 9 years ago you might find me at Santa Anita...Box 68 was my favorite spot. I don't go anymore, but thanks to TV and I can follow the important races.

Back in 73 a Super Horse came along...named Secretariat. He was truly a wonderhorse and one appreciated by many - even those who never followed the races. Times were kind of tough back then and the coming of Secretariat gave the public something to latch onto and root for. Then came Seattle Slew, Affirmed, the tragic Ruffian and now another Super Horse, the undefeated Zenyatta. She comes to us at a time when the country is in recession with many out of work and losing their homes - and a country tired from fighting two useless wars! She deserves more press time (reporters? journalists?)

I must confess that I knew little about this horse. I've had some illness that kept me from being as active as I like and most things just fell by the wayside...BUT, if you ever want to see the most intense couple of seconds in sports then youtube Zenyatta's 2009 Breeder's Cup Classic and pay attention to her in the last few seconds when she does the impossible! She came from dead last and ran against the boys and kicked dirt in all their faces.

I also did not know that Zenyatta is quite a big girl and at 17 1/2 hands (a hand is 4 inches and a horse is measured to the top of the shoulder or "withers". She is bigger than most, if not all of the fellows she ran against...she's even bigger than Secretariat himself.

We're all privileged to see such greatness in a racing thoroughbred. There are so few of them....maybe a couple a century. They are quite rare. Well, Zenyatta just finished her 16th win and so far is undefeated. If she does nothing else, she has already proved herself as a Super Horse and one that demands respect for being the top of her breed!


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