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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mountains, Mountains, Mountains

This week the DPW challenge was "Mountains".  I did two for the challenge and one that will be on auction at midnight tonight.  I find them easy to pull out of my imagination.  The one thing I can't do is make too many.  Some artists have only a few topics they enjoy.  I try to vary my work as much as possible.  It keeps me interested and hope my work keeps you interested too.

Oh...before I forget.  You can join this blog and you certainly can comment.  I'd love to hear from you because after awhile I begin to feel I'm the only person here! :-)  You are always welcome to browse my gallery at Daily Paintworks (link below)

The top one is a 5 X 7 inch acrylic against a watercolor sky.  The bottom one is a 4 X 5 inch acrylic.  Both can be found in my gallery:


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