Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ebay's Future....What I Believe

"Daffodil Bunny"
5 X 7" Watercolor

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Ebay and the direction it will take. Here's mine for what its worth:

I believe Ebay is looking toward a business model that will eventually exclude small sellers and even power sellers. They no longer want the responsibility for customer service and the fraud problems that are beginning to come back and bite them thru the court system. I believe they're desperate to populate the site with huge sellers who can take care of their own customer service and fraud and these will no longer be Ebay's responsibility. Ebay just wants to sit back and scoop in the revenue so they're willing to put in their famous Ebay name to entice these big sellers....the name us small sellers built for them. First they tried the retail route...that didn't work. Now they are looking toward liquidation sellers of end lots and discontinued items in bulk. Once they hit on a solid business model they will open the back door and put us all out by the dumpster without one look back! This is why they are secretive, their plans are not solid and so they keep secretive until that time.

To all sellers: imperative to use Ebay to suit yourself while you build on other venues (I am presently active on Etsy, Bonanzle and Overstock) and perhaps even on your own site. The worst thing a seller can do now is sit on Ebay and complain about sales and wait for things to pick up....its time to be very very proactive! We will probably never again see the wild selling venue that was once Ebay...but neither will Ebay. They will become just a huge, mediochre site and that will eventually fade away or be scooped up by another company, especially so if they keep the present inadequate management.

Not happy thoughts to be sure but I've always been a hard realist and this is what I'm seeing.


With Easter on the way - I thought my painting for today should be Daffodil Bunny.


  1. Anonymous1:53 AM Danny
    i have a question..
    is ebay’s move from a pure consumer-to-consumer auction marketplace to inviting large and small businesses to sell to consumers and other businesses, sometimes at fixed proces, a good long-term strategy? what do u guys think? im just full of curiousity about eBay..
    thanx =D

  2. Sellers feel Ebay needs to protect its core of auction and small sellers of the rare, unique and vintage items that have attracted buyers to Ebay all these years. Mr. Donahoe seems to be kicking those sellers aside in favor of the same type of large retailers every other site has. This may be good for Ebay in a small dose but it will NOT attract buyers and it hasn't attracted them so far. The more Ebay entices large sellers onto the site and the more they kick around small sellers the more their business will suffer. They now have two quarters (fourth quarter last year, first quarter this year) that show this business model to be a failure. In the meantime sellers are going elsewhere and slowly...very slowly, they are taking the buyers with them!