Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Seller Asked About Ebay....

...what our sales were and our views. He was about to leave because he could not get views or sales. Here was my reply:

I found a newsletter in MyEbay that said I was doing great…and listed the piddling amount of money I made on Ebay I guess in the past 12 months. It was a pitiful amount when put next to the large amounts I made in years gone by. They wanted me to write a bit about my “success” - I was sorely tempted….my cursor hovered over that link for quite awhile while I plotted and planned just how I would “tell them about my success”….then I deleted the newsletter. It meant little to me anymore - Ebay means little to me anymore. I list a few items here…ever hopeful that management might come to its senses but the bulk of my items are on my own website and other free to list or small listing fee websites (Etsy, Bonanzle, Overstock) and they are all selling. Nothing spectacular but constant sales and good views as opposed to no sales and few views here. Its sad to think of how far Ebay has fallen and how much they still think of themselves! If they can’t get over their useless attitude of superiority they can only fail. Most of us are moving on…


  1. eBay means absolutely nothing to me anymore. I closed my store on Feb 28th and the relief I feel is unbelievable. I'll never sell on that site again - it is overly expensive, tyrannical, and has lost all value for me.

    Bonanzle is the only place for me now!

  2. Good comment. I am hoping Bonanzle catches on. We need it and other places like it in order to survive. Somehow I feel we have a better chance of surviving then Ebay does. Ebay has no clear guidance and no solid business plan.

  3. Hello Ms Patricia, i stumbled upon your blog and found a very helpful information about ebay. I was thinking about selling my artwork there, but trough your info I will now check out those other sites! Thank You very much! I added your blog to my watch list. To see more of your wonderful artwork! Saludos from Gran Canaria, Nelly