Saturday, May 31, 2008

Extortion on Ebay?

Can it be true? I sure hope not...but then Ebay left sellers kind of wide open for this kind of scam. You can stop by and read all about it. A seller posted on ebay's Seller's Central that he received an email from the winner of one of his auctions. The email said he and five of his friends won auctions from this seller and they would each give the seller a negative if the seller didn't cough up 20.00 per auction for five auctions. Unreal! I don't think ebay saw something like this coming. Whether its true or not - it IS spreading because I hear there were similar letters posted on the Powerseller's Board but I can't check on that. I have checked the one on Seller Central and there were already almost 400 posts from worried sellers!

Ebay - what next? I expect perhaps the FBI might step into this one if there is any validity to it.

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